Look In picture from June 14th added on Press page #2.

TV Times entries from April 21st and 28th added on Press page #2.

We heard through that the UK Company Network has acquired the rights to all the programs in the HTV/Granada/Carlton archive, which includes Sky so keep your fingers crossed!

Network have announced an exclusive UK home entertainment licensing agreement with Granada Ventures. The five year deal will allow Network to work with Granada to release a wide range of archive programmes and films, the majority never previously available on dvd. The deal basically means unprecendented access to programming from all libraries and archives owned and controlled by Granada including London Weekend, Yorkshire, ATV, ITC, Anglia, Tyne Tees and HTV as well as the Rank, Romulus and Rohauer film collections. The company has already drawn up a 2005 release schedule which includes such gems as CATWEAZLE, CROSSROADS, DANGER MAN, SUPERCAR, LONDON'S BURNING, THE SAINT, BEASTS, vintage CORONATION STREET, DEMPSEY AND MAKEPEACE, BUDGIE, THE OWL SERVICE and THE GHOSTS OF MOTLEY HALL. Other highlights include UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS, further series of SOLDIER, SOLDIER and PRESS GANG, WILLIAM TELL, PLEASE SIR, THE ARMY GAME, NEAREST AND DEAREST, THE BUCCANEERS and RANDALL AND HOPKIRK (DECEASED). These will all be due to copyright clearances, but it looks like its a case of saving those pennies for 2005...Further titles can now be added to Network's shopping list: The Baron, The Adventurer, The Zoo Gang, Gideon's Way, Interpol Calling, Man Of The World, The Four Just Men, Ghost Squad, Court Martial, Shirley's World, Arthur Of The Britons, Follyfoot, The Sandbaggers, Two's Company, Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected, Whoops, Apocalypse!, The XYY Man, Orson Welles' Great Mysteries and New Scotland Yard.

TV Times entry from May 19th added on Press page #2.

Scans from the 1975 magazine Look In added on the Press page - moved to Press page #2. 

Paul from Ipswich has found an original press release from HTV with synopses of the individual episodes, which is now included on the Press page.

Cherrald has sent us a special message; please see the "Where Are They Now" page.

Cherrald also sent us her collection of press, publicity and production stills and they are reproduced on their own page with our sincere gratitude.

Stuart has also sent us a message... again it's on the "Where Are They Now" page.

Audio clips are now up for episodes 1 through 6, color ScreenCaps are up for all episodes.  I'm working on the last set of audio clips but there are only 24 hours in a day and I'd like at least 36, preferably 48, but I can't find a time machine.  Clips and Caps are found on their own episode pages.

From what I know of the history of where the episodes have been:
In the late 1990s they were all still in the HTV library, on 2" tape.  At some point after that, they underwent telerecording (a process whereby tape is transferred onto film, unlike telecine, where film is recorded onto tape).  Telerecording is an expensive process and from most points of view, a rather strange one, since quality and resolution will be lost. 
Some time before the telerecording, episodes 3 and 7 were damaged; I'm not a television engineer but in my limited production experience, it looks like episode 7 has had some kind of phase shift.  I do believe both can be fully restored, although since they now appear to all be on film (as apparent by the 'sparklies' on some of the ScreenCaps) it could be quite a long job. 
(Sorry, I don't know the technical term for sparklies, it just looks like some of the emulsion has separated from the celluloid backing).  I have no idea whether it's 16mm or 35mm, but looking at the quality, probably 16mm, whether or not it's now undergone a telecine process and is back on tape, I have no idea.

Thank you for your patience and in Jane's words Click




My tribute to Sky was originally included at my domain in the TV section. 

Finally in 2004, it was time for Sky to stand alone and have its own domain when all seven episodes were finally located.  It took twenty eight years to find them and just twenty four hours to register a domain name, point the DNS, completely redesign the site and publish it.  (I did get two hours sleep in there somewhere, for those who are worrying!)  It does help having my own Server to work on and publish to.

I extend my thanks, love and best wishes to all who visited Sky's old page.  I hope you prefer the redesigned version!  Please let me know.




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